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Whales watching activity Bike into the wilderness Kayak a Nordic Fjord Walk on a Glacier
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Sledding Greenland Natural Hot Springs Sea Angling Kayak a Fjord

Iceland Adventure travel can be as comfortable and as simple as being driven around by a real knowledgeable professional guide to make sure you see and understand everything.. Or you could withe freedom of renting a car and driving with your family, and relying on our in-depth itinerary and your own sense of adventure. Or you could help drive a herd of loose horses through the wilderness for hundreds of miles. (That was our first experience in Iceland!)

We have done all of these things ourselves, as business research for our clients (OK, and for our own FUN).

Iceland has some unique aspects and you should ask anyone advising you on travel to Iceland how often and how many times they've traveled there themselves.

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  • Look over this site for information on things that we've found to do and see in Iceland.
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We can easily modify most of our itineraries to accommodate your interests. Or even add some time in mainland Europe has a lot of other types of tours to consider

Here's a chart listing the activities and adventures that are in each tour that we offer.
Horses, Horses, Horses, Here's for Icelandic Horse Touring)

We started taking and sending travelers to Iceland 18 years ago.
Clients like our service and the knowledge we share.

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